Source code for esbonio.lsp.rst.config

from typing import List

import attrs

    from typing import Literal
except ImportError:
    from typing_extensions import Literal  # type: ignore[assignment]

[docs] @attrs.define class ServerCompletionConfig: """Configuration options for the server that control completion behavior.""" preferred_insert_behavior: Literal["insert", "replace"] = attrs.field( default="replace" ) """This option indicates if the user prefers we use ``insertText`` or ``textEdit`` when rendering ``CompletionItems``."""
[docs] @attrs.define class ServerConfig: """Configuration options for the server.""" completion: ServerCompletionConfig = attrs.field(factory=ServerCompletionConfig) """Configuration values that affect completion""" enable_scroll_sync: bool = attrs.field(default=False) """Enable custom transformation to add classes with line numbers""" enable_live_preview: bool = attrs.field(default=False) """Set it to True if you want to build Sphinx app on change event""" log_filter: List[str] = attrs.field(factory=list) """A list of logger names to restrict output to.""" log_level: str = attrs.field(default="error") """The logging level of server messages to display.""" show_deprecation_warnings: bool = attrs.field(default=False) """Developer flag to enable deprecation warnings."""
[docs] @attrs.define class InitializationOptions: """The initialization options we can expect to receive from a client.""" server: ServerConfig = attrs.field(factory=ServerConfig) """The ``esbonio.server.*`` namespace of options."""