Development Environments

Language Server

Assuming that you already have Python available you can create a virtual environment in the root of the repository with the following command:

$ python -m venv .env

Then to install all the tools and dependencies required to work on the Language Server, you need to activate your newly created environment and run the following commands:

$ source .env/bin/activate
$ cd lib/esbonio
$ pip install -e .[dev]


As the VSCode extension relies on the Language Server for much of its functionality the first step in setting up your development environment would be to follow the setup guide for the Language Server.

Assuming that you have the language server up and running you will next need to ensure you have VSCode and npm available on your system.

Next open a terminal in the code/ directory of the repository and run the following:

$ npm install

This will download all the dependencies required to work on the extension. Once completed open the root of the repository in VSCode and hit F5, this will build and open the extension in a separate instance that can be debugged from the main instance.