esbonio – (v.) to explain

Esbonio is a Language Server for Sphinx documentation projects.

Esbonio aids the writing process by resolving references, providing completion suggestions and highlighting errors. It ensures your local build is always up to date, allowing you to preview your changes in (almost!) real-time. The server itself can even be extended to better suit the needs of your project.

The primary goal of Esbonio is to reduce the friction that comes from trying to remember the specifics of a markup language, so that you can focus on your content and not your tooling.

Getting Started

Using Esbonio for the first time within VSCode.

How-To Guides

Step-by-step guides on integrating Esbonio with other text editors.


Configuration options, API documentation, architecture diagrams and more.


Documentation on extending the language server

Sphinx Extensions

In addition to the language server, the Esbonio project provides a number of Sphinx extensions.