In addition to the language server protocol, Esbonio will emit the following notifications

class esbonio.server.features.sphinx_manager.manager.ClientCreatedNotification(id, scope, config)[source]

The payload of a sphinx/clientCreated notification

config: SphinxConfig

The final configuration.

id: str

The client’s id

scope: str

The scope at which the client was created.

class esbonio.server.features.sphinx_manager.manager.AppCreatedNotification(id, application)[source]

The payload of a sphinx/appCreated notification

application: SphinxInfo

Details about the created application.

id: str

The client’s id

class esbonio.server.features.sphinx_manager.manager.ClientErroredNotification(id, error, detail)[source]

The payload of a sphinx/clientErrored notification

detail: str

Detailed description of the error.

error: str

Short description of the error.

id: str

The client’s id

class esbonio.server.features.sphinx_manager.manager.ClientDestroyedNotification(id)[source]

The payload of sphinx/clientDestroyed notification.

id: str

The client’s id